In the interest of our clients’ trust and the image of a reliable business partner, KIK Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. sets the following strategic goals:

  • Full clients’ satisfaction through meeting the deadlines, prompt performance of works, and high quality of provided services;
  • Prompt response to changing needs and demands of our clients;
  • Extending the offer of provided services.

Thanks to many years of experience, considerable potential and expertise of our employees and subcontractors we can focus on meeting clients’ needs.

Our bottom line is a harmonious coexistence with environment and other entities based on a model of sustainable development in accordance with United Nations Global Compact in ecological, social and ethical context.

We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Global Compact, pursuing their rules and goals in our company and in cooperation with our suppliers.

It is our assumption that our clients’ satisfaction depends on the quality of our services and our personnel competence, and we intend to meet above mentioned objectives by:

  • Cooperation only with suppliers and subcontractors who meet our qualitative requirements;
  • Monitoring, documentation and analysis of service provision;
  • Application of suitable recruitment and training systems;
  • Accident prevention through trainings and high safety standards which minimize the risk of potentially hazardous situations;
  • Search for methods of organisational workflow improvement and their implementation.

In order to assure the implementation of this Policy, detailed operational objectives are set every year.

The personnel knows this Policy and complies with its rules and Quality Manual.

We undertake to continuously improve Quality Management System and meet the requirements set forth in the norm ISO 9001 and other existing regulations.

On behalf of the company I hereby declare that we will make ceaseless efforts to fully implement this Policy.

Ostrzeszów, 2016.06.08